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Open Farm Sunday

Farm Sunday 2010 logoOn June 13th this year Farnless Farm Park will join with approximately 500 farms nationwide to open our gates, for free, to anyone who wants to come along and see what we do. Open Farm Sunday is now in its fifth year and full information can be found at

Come and see Bison , Rhea, Elk and Red Deer! When - 10am till 4pm Activities - Guided tractor and trailer rides in the bison, elk and deer park, see their newborn calves. Nature walks guided by Natural England. RSPB information stand. See the rhea, pygmy goats, potbellied pigs and peacocks. Display of heavy horses used in forestry. Pony rides for the children. BBQ. Crafts and Gift stall. Directions - Just outside the village of Bishop Middleham, turning by the lake.

Please be sure to bring appropriate clothing and drinking water if its a hot day.

New Peahen Arrives.

Terry and June, our Peacock and Peahen, are getting on famously but when we were recently offered another Peahen what could we say? Terry now has two ladies and oh boy is he happy now! Terry can be regularly seen strutting around the farm with his feathers up displaying trying to gain the attention of his new lady, who so far is staying clear as she is still getting used to her surroundings.

We haven't got a name for our new lady yet, so if you have any ideas please let us know, we are also struggling to get a good picture as she is still very shy and tends to hide in the rafters of the buildings, watch this space.

Our Tame Deer Calf

In November 2006, we got quite a surprise when on a cold, wet evening we found a newborn deer calf in the park area. This is completely unheard of and with the mother being so young and the weather so bad the calf had been dumped. We rushed the calf up to the farm house where she lay by the Aga on the kitchen floor, and we tried to get her to drink some warm milk substitute, she cuddled up to our dogs over night in the kitchen and next morning was up on her feet.

The weather was too bad for her to go back in the field and her mother had abandoned her so she lived in the kitchen with us and dogs for two weeks before going outside to a pen in the barn. Her name is Henrietta and she is now a four month old deer that thinks she is a dog and is amazingly tame. If you have never seen a deer up close come and visit Henrietta she is beautiful and simply not scared so will come and want a cuddle!

In the long term Henryettia will be introduced back to the parkland with the rest of our herd where we hope she will be a big bonus to us as deer will follow each other and we are hoping Henrietta will bring the herd to us!

New Bird Hide Arrives

For all the keen bird watchers who visit Farnless, we haven't forgotten you, and during the winter have made you a mobile bird hide. This is an insulated, camouflaged trailer that can hold 10 people sitting or standing as well as another 10 on benches waiting for a viewing slot. We have made a mobile unit so we can take the hide to the birds so as you get maximum viewing opportunity.

We have also started the construction, of an island in Stoneybeck lake that we hope will be finished soon.



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